Cutting Costs Examples £10k, £7k, £4k ~ How many £££s can YOU save? 
Business Telephone + Internet: £4104 saved over 3 years £££ 
EXAMPLE COST SAVING: Office with 10 employees. They replaced their switchboard fixed lines with a cloud based telephone system, run over the internet. In the same way, you can also make major savings on: 
Lower monthly cost per user 
Call costs 
Line rental 
Previous telecoms supplier monthly cost = £278 
CostCheckers cost = £164 = £114 monthly saving 
41% Saving = £1368 a year 
Credit & Debit Card Machines: £7164 saved over 3 years £££ 
Sports club with4 credit card terminals 
Card machine Monthly Revenue taken £35,005 
No. of Transactions = 1332 
Average Transaction Value =£26.28 
Previous card machine supplier monthly cost = £576 
CostCheckers monthly cost = £377 = £199 monthly saving 
34% Saving = £2388 a year 
Business Electricity: £10295 saved over 5 years £££ 
With CostCheckers you can: 
• Get more buying power: pooled value of £37 million a year 
• Fix your costs and lock-in today’s prices...for years. 
• Beat inflation. Cut out price fluctuations. Plan costs. 
EXAMPLE COST SAVING: Industrial business unit: 2 years after the original contract had started we negotiated: 
• 10% cheaper than the original pre-renewal price, after 2 years of price rises* 
• This deal was with their existing supplier, British Gas! 
19% Saving against renewal quotation = £2049 a year  
10% Saving 2-year old price from same supplier = £1078 a year 
STOP PRESS! With the current uncertainty and rising electricity & gas prices, long-term contracts are at the moment almost all cheaper than short term contracts. It's usually the other way around  
October Special Offers on Phones, Mobile and Cloud £££ 
Line + Broadband + Call bundle with and 4000 local/national mins per month 1000 mobile mins per month = from £20.95 a month 
Public WiFi from £8.99 a month 
Ethernet Connections, great prices available £POA: installation is FREE and term is only 12-months 
Extremely competitive prices on ISDN, Leased Lines & any Telecoms needs 
Whatever your telecoms requirements, we can help you find the best deal 
Why pay over the odds when you can just ask CostCheckers? 

MOBILE + TELECOMS  £££ savings 

Mobiles, SIM-only 
Phones, VOIP, Internet 

ENERGY + EFFICIENCY £££ savings 

Business Electricity 
Business Gas 


Credit Card Processing 
Dashcams, Tracking, Fuel, EVs Charging 
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