In the table below is an example of a cost-saving energy quotation. Just saying. 
The CostCheckers Challenge aims to see how much of a  
better deal we can get for businesses, on literally ANY product or service 
£££ Free Service 
£££ We do all the work 
£££ Your overhead costs shrink 
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 Business CostCheckers 

Every business has monthly invoices. One key cost that all businesses must pay is electricity, as in the example comparison across 5 very well-known suppliers.  
N.B. These are just the top 5, out of a whole range of choices. 
Nice saving, isn't it? Some business can make even better savings, up to 15% or 20%. Plus we can take away the hassle of contacting call centres. 
The table below shows that CostCheckers can also save you money on a range of products and services, from other familiar suppliers. 
Would you like to pay less, or get better value? Not just on energy, or the products and services listed below, but on anything. Or maybe a more flexible arrangement, or a deal that fits your needs better, or to have more control over costs
We will work with our suppliers to help you ensure you are getting the best deals for your business. See the buttons below, or the form on the Contact Us page. 
N.B. Energy costs shown do not reflect the very latest prices. Excluding VAT 

ENERGY & UTILITIES  £££ savings 

Business Electricity, Gas & Utilities 
Solar Power, Energy Storage & Management 
Electric Vehicle Charging points 

TELECOMS & FINANCIAL  £££ savings 

Telephone Systems, Broadband & Mobile Phones 
Credit & Debit Card / Chip & PIN Machines 


Copiers, Printers, Scanners & Multi-function 
Tracking, Dashcams, Vehicles & Aftersales 
Fuel, Fuel Cards & Consumables 

CostCheckers gives you a wide choice of quality B2B suppliers  Our 100% free service works by contacting a wide range of suppliers to keep improving offerings.  As a result, Cost Checkers can check lots of prices across a range of markets.  It is our speciality. Is it yours?  This saves you having to spend valuable time comparing costs individually.  If you would like to shrink your costs, what have you got to lose?  Why not give CostCheckers a try, for free? 

Green CostCheckers 
Even if you've not previously thought about environmentally-friendly products and services, these can make more of a difference to the planet as well as to the bottom line of your business. CostCheckers can help with:  
Solar Panels 
Batteries for efficiently storing energy from: A.) lower cost night-time energy from the grid B.) solar panels, heat pumps, etc. 
Cutting carbon emissions & bills: LED Lighting, Lighting & Heating controls & timers, Insulation, Shading, and more  
Electric Vehicle Charging Points 
Grant funding for all of the above 
Green Energy from the Suppliers in the picture at the top of this page 
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