Cutting Costs: A Couple of Examples 
£10,295 saved over 5 years = £2,059 a year on Electricity (British Gas) 
£7,164 saved over 3 years = £2,388 a year on Credit Card Processing Fees 
How much can YOU save? 

 Electricity: saving £10,295 over 5 years 

2 years after this existing contract started we found: 
• A 10% cheaper deal, even after 2 years of price rises 
• It's with the same supplier as before, British Gas! 
With CostCheckers you can: 
• Get more buying power, join our £37 million club 
• Fix your costs and lock-in today’s prices...for years 
• Beat inflation. Cut out price fluctuations. Plan costs. 
N.B. energy costs vary daily, so today's prices will differ from example. Excl VAT 
Credit Card Processing: saving £7,164 over 3 years 
A business with 4 card terminals: 
Credit/Debit card machine total Monthly Revenue taken £35,005 
No. of Transactions = 1332 
Average Transaction Value =£26.28 
Previous card machine supplier monthly cost = £576 v CostCheckers = £377 
34% Saving = £199 every month = £2388 a year 

ENERGY + WATER  £££ savings 

Business Gas + Electricity  
Business Water  

MOBILE + TELECOMS £££ savings 

Mobiles + SIM only 
Phones, VOIP + Internet 


Credit Card Processing 
Copiers, Printers + Scanners 
Take the CostCheckers Challenge and 
See how much of a better deal we can get for YOUR business 
£££ Free Service 
£££ We do all the work 
£££ Your overhead costs shrink 
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