In the table below is an example of a cost-saving energy quotation.  
The CostCheckers Challenge aims to see how much of a  
better deal we can get for businesses, on literally ANY product or service 
£££ Free Service 
£££ We do all the work 
£££ Your overhead costs shrink 

 Example CostCheckers Comparison and Savings 

Every business has monthly invoices. One key cost that all businesses must pay is electricity, as in the example comparison across 5 very well-known suppliers. These are just the top 5 quotes 
Nice saving, isn't it? Some business can make even better savings, up to 15% or 20%. Plus we can take away the hassle of contacting call centres or customer service departments. 
Would you like to pay less, or get better value? Not just on energy, or the products and services listed below, but on anything. Or maybe a more flexible arrangement, or a deal that fits your needs better, or to have more control over costs?  
N.B. Energy costs shown do not reflect the very latest prices. Excluding VAT 

ENERGY & UTILITIES  £££ savings 

Business Electricity & Gas 
Business Water  
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TELECOMS & FINANCIAL  £££ savings 

VOIP, Broadband & Mobile phones 
Credit Card/Chip & PIN machines 
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Copiers, Printers, Scanners 
Charging Points for Electric Vehicles 
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5. Electricity and Gas - continued from Products and Services page 
Don't fall out of contract, or your energy costs will not only skyrocket overnight, but will also change from a nice safe, fixed price to daily fluctuations. As well as making budgeting more difficult, inevitably the usual trend is generally higher and higher costs on top of the higher non-fixed rate you will fall onto. 
CostCheckers gives you more purchasing power on Electricity and Gas, simply because your requirements go into a combined energy purchase value of over £30 million per annum. That’s much, much more purchasing power than individual business customers can yield......so you get a better price. 
With business energy, if you sign up for a fixed-rate contract, rather than paying a daily rate, savings can be 25% or more.  
When you're in an energy contract. The more power you use, the lower the price. We can check over 20 suppliers for you in one go, up to 12 months before your existing contract ends. Remember, if there is less than a year to go on your Electricity or Gas, don’t wait until the last minute. 
Green Cost Savings 
Even if you've not previously thought about environmentally-friendly products and services, these can make more of a difference to the planet as well as to the bottom line of your business.  
Have you thought about: 
Green Energy (e.g. from the Suppliers in the picture at the top of this page) 
Electric Vehicle Charging Points 
Batteries for efficiently storing energy, either from solar panels, or from lower cost night-time energy via the grid 
Solar panel installation 
Glass Insulation 
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