About Us 

About Us 

CostCheckers selects only reputable suppliers for you, that can  
deliver best-value results on costs to boost business performance 
We use our combined expertise to help ratchet YOUR COSTS downwards  
Set up by a qualified and very thorough Market Researcher, with experience in  
Purchasing and Tax Accountancy, CostCheckers therefore checks things out VERY carefully 
Using a variety of techniques, we help negotiate invoice reductions, or better overall deals for you,  
so you get more for your money, as well as more time, to carry on running your business, and doing what you do best 

CostCheckers: Boosting Profitability, Shrinking Costs 

CostCheckers will help you to get the best deal for your Business on a range of products and services.  
Keeping costs down increases profits and makes you more competitively-priced to your own customers. We can help you save £££s, again and again.  
Just some of the ways we do it are 
Wide choice of suppliers 
Up-to-date market comparison processes 
Thorough research 
Impartial assessment of the best options for you 
Continuous improvement 
Tax-efficient purchasing 

What your Business can achieve with CostCheckers  1. Securing current market rates into the future removes uncertainty  2. Get even more from monthly and annual budgets with lower-cost and/or best-fit suppliers  3. Control overhead costs with value-for-budget results, for enterprises of all sizes  4. Save precious Time as well as Money 


Do you ever wish you could buy what you need at prices from a few years ago?  
Well, at Cost Checkers we can do something similar for you.  
Our Forward Purchasing platform enables you to select a rate in advance on certain products, and then stick to that with NO PRICE INCREASES, sometimes for years, 
In these cases we can help you to find a fixed rate tariff that will allow you to take control of the rising prices, even before your contract is up for renewal 
The CostCheckers invoice-shrinking service:  
~ Is 100% Free 
~ We do all the work 
~ Your overhead costs shrink 
Cut "Overhead Overspend" with CostCheckers 
Based in the Midlands, we help businesses of all sizes all over the UK to save money....month in, month out. 
Cost Checkers has a range of suppliers for different business essentials. 
There is a very good chance we can find you a deal that will either 
1.) Save you money  
2.) Save you time  
3.) Fit your needs better 
or even do all three of these! 
Remember, once you start saving, you keep saving, month after month 
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