Save money ~ Cut out sales calls and emails ~ Save hours of time  We'll find better deals for you, so you can focus on your business 

 Save money ~ Cut out sales calls and emails ~ Save hours of time  We'll find better deals for you, so you can focus on your business 

MOBILE + TELECOMS £££ savings 

Mobiles, SIM-only 
Phones, VOIP, Internet 

ENERGY + EFFICIENCY £££ savings 

Business Electricity  
Business Gas  


Credit Card Processing 
Dashcams, Tracking, Fuel, EVs Charging  
CostCheckers will get lower costs AND cut out jargon AND stop pesky salespeople 
Calling ALL Businesses, ANY size ANY type 
1. No hidden extras as we itemise ALL parts of the costs for a clear, easy, accurate, like-for-like benchmark 
2. Discounts, Preferential Rates and Bulk-buying. 
3. Additional advice and guidance from CostCheckers, as well as the usual ongoing support from suppliers 
4. Flexible Contract Options, as short as just 30 Days 
5. CostsCheckers will get lower cost deals while you get on with running your business 
6. No Technical Jargon: to give clear comparisons we explain the meaning (and cost) of different options 
7. Costs Nailed Down in advance to Beat Inflation as well as the Market! 
8. Even if you're still in contract there are ways to cut costs before existing contracts end, so you can start saving now - see the Contact Us page 
10. Instead, we give you a FREE individual service and impartial advice with NO confusion or pressure , which means that you can cut costs WITHOUT being hassled by over-eager salespeople 
11. Planning ahead saves money: checking the contract end dates and notice dates on your invoices means we can help you avoid higher prices caused by going out of contract or by auto-renewals...there's no charge, no obligation 
Everybody is panicking about the Energy Market right now, however.... 
CostCheckers combines the purchasing power of many companies and then we use this to negotiate lower prices. Then you can simply buy direct from the energy companies, e.g. EON, British Gas, SSE, EDF, Scottish Power, Total and many others 
We are NOT a wholesaler, many of whom have been going bust. Going direct to major suppliers at CostCheckers prices is much safer in the current climate, as well as cheaper. We can also help you with those unexpected and much higher "out-of-contract" rates 
Planning up to 12 months ahead: during the current uncertainty and rising electricity & gas prices, long-term contracts are at the moment almost all cheaper than short term contracts. It's usually the other way around. We can help you find the best way through this uncertain time 
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